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Double Your Ads

Double Your Ads


Everyday we are confronted with 1000’s of different messages and make over 35 000 decisions each day. So how do you make your message stand out. 
You may have noticed that like Google Adwords, if you’re competitor spends more than you, your business gets bumped down the page. If someone buys a bigger TV campaign, yours is lost.  So how do you make your business stand out if your marketing budget is not so big.
That’s one of the great benefits of radio advertising.  We can work with all size budgets, but like any media, frequency counts. The more often you get your message heard, the longer you advertise, the more effective your campaign will be.  
Radio can get people ‘googling’ your business name, not just what you do, so you get more direct hits on your website.

So to help you get your radio campaign underway, we’re offering you the chance to DOUBLE your commercials on your radio advertising with Breeze FM.

Take the next step and see how radio advertising can help you get your business purring like a Ferrari or roaring like a Harley Davidson!  Our business managers will book an obligation free 30 minute consultation to find out where you want your business to go and how we can help.

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