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Charcuterie Boards

It’s an insanely good entertaining idea.  It conjures up summer afternoons with friends and wait for it; No washing up. 

So what’s a charcuterie board? Think cheese board on steroids! Charcuterie is a French term for preparing meat and precedes the introduction of refrigeration. Today, we are more interested in the taste the preservation process gives us. Think cured meats and salami. My grandfather, Wally, was unknowingly the first charcutier in our family opening weekends in his shed (which Gen Y’ers know as the man cave) making pigs trotters into brawn. If you have ever made sausages you can now add charcuterie to your list of achievements. But the idea doesn't have to remain the domain of meat eaters. The concept can be adapted for almost any purpose from salads and other veggie dishes, to fruit platters and even high tea boards. Just follow just a few simple rules and you’ll be creating visual and tasty table centrepieces that will amaze your friends. It might take a few goes, but I’m sure your family will love you practising!

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