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The Breeze Everyday Hero

We want to help you reward an everyday hero,that someone who is out there everyday helping others or helping you.
Thanks to QT Hotel Gold Coast, Get Hummered and the new High Country Legends Show at the Australian Outback Spectacular, we have a prize for you to give to them or share with them.
3 nights for two at QT Hotel Gold coast including Spa Q Treatments, return Stretch Hummer Transfers to watch High Country Legends at The Australian Outback Spectacular.
Nominate your everyday hero now.
A person who you would like to see rewarded with this great prize, so make sure you tell us what makes them an everyday hero.
The sta􀀁tion that rewards the every heros, The Breeze

Breeze FM Broncos Cheer Squad

Ask any sports team, the difference between winning and losing can all depend on the cheer squad. The cheer squad can lift the team when they feel almost spent. Thecheer squad can make the celebration of a try or a conversion a
moment the player will never forget.
We want you to be that difference this year for the NRMA InsuranceBrisbane Broncos.
We are looking for a 5 person cheersquad, so if you and your friend feel you could make the difference then ENTER NOW!
Register and you could be the cheersquad at one of their home games at Suncorp Stadium, tickets and details at
Winning well that's a breeze, with the Breeze




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